Keynote Responses

Keynote Responses

The keynote address for the PEPAYS Ireland Forum 2017, "Wholism, the physical body and wellbeing education" was delivered by Dr. Maeve O'Brien (Head of the School of Development at the Institute of Education, St Patrick's Campus, Dublin City University) and Dr. Andrew O’Shea (Co-ordinator of Human Development, Philosophy, Institute of Education, Dublin City University).

The presentation explores some of the challenges for Physical Education today as a subject, that while often marginalised within schooling and sometimes narrowly understood, has real potential to facilitate broad and deep learning. Through its work with the physical body as a medium for development and on its own terms, Physical Education has real potential in supporting the wellbeing of students. In taking stock of some of the historical and policy problems around wholism, we set the scene for a dialogue about wellbeing and the body as a necessary part of relational experience and development. Drawing on our own wellbeing research in the context of the award winning film Monsieur Lazhar, we explore the issue of ‘no touch’ as something that concerns the basic ingredients of healthy relationship.  We ask ‘How through a focus on the significance of the body and its vulnerabilities can we better integrate the subject of Physical Education within a wholistic understanding of development?’

To view the discipline responses to the keynote click on each presenters' name.

 Physical Education – Mike Carey, Junior Cycle for Teachers Support Service

 Sport and Exercise Sciences, Matt Herring, Department of Physical Education and Sport Sciences, UL.

 Physical Activity for Health - Elaine Murtagh, Department of Arts Education and Physical Education, MIC.

 Youth Sport - Johann Issartel, Health and Human Performance, DCU.

 Active Schools / Transport – Barry Lambe, Department of Health, Sport and Exercise Science, WIT.


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