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Professor Michael Gard joined The University of Queensland as Associate Professor of Sport, Health and Physical Education in January 2005. 

He will be in Ireland following the AIESEP conference in Madrid and is keen to engage with interested colleagues (Week of July 11-14).  He has agreed to lead a seminar with the Sport Pedagogy Group at UL on Tuesday July 14th.  Given the scheduled meeting with the EHS Research Officer scheduled at 3.00PM, we plan to start the seminar at 4.30pm in P1007 (PEPAYS Research Centre).  He is also happy to meet individually with folks. 

In his biography on the University of Queensland webpage Michael notes the following scholarly interests:

I teach, research and write about how the human body is and has been used, experienced, educated, measured and governed. This work includes projects on the science of obesity, the history of sport, the uses of digital technology in health and physical education, and the sexual and gender politics of dance education. With Carolyn Pluim, I recently completed my fourth book, Schools and Public Health: Past, Present, Future, which considers the historical and contemporary relationships between schools and public health policy. I currently lead an ARC Discovery Grant ($177,000) entitled "Small technology, big data and the business of young people's health: an international investigation of the digitisation of school health and physical education", and hold a Canadian Social Science and Health Research Council Insight Grant (CAD$199,492) entitled "The meaning of sport in the lives of older people across the physical activity spectrum: towards policy recommendations."

Here is a selection of recent journal publications.

  • Gard, M 2015, '‘They know they're getting the best knowledge possible’: locating the academic in changing knowledge economies', Sport, Education and Society, vol. 20, no. 1, pp. 107-121.

Published version available from:

  • Alfrey, L & Gard, M 2014, 'A crack where the light gets in: a study of health and physical education teachers' perspectives on fitness testing as a context for learning about health', Asia-Pacific Journal of Health, Sport and Physical Education, 5, no. 1, pp. 3-18.

Published version available from:

  • Vander Shee, C & Gard, M 2014, 'Healthy happy and ready to teach or why kids can't learn from fat teachers: the discursive politics of school reform and teacher health', Critical Public Health, vol. 24, no. 2, pp. 210-225.

Published version available from:

  • Enright, E, Hill, J, Sanford, R & Gard, M 2014, 'Looking beyond what's broken: towards an appreciative research agenda for physical education and sport pedagogy', Sport, Education and Society, 19, no. 7, pp. 912-926.

Published version available from:

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