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Dr. Ihi Heke is currently a Maori health & physical activity consultant involved in a number of projects ranging from national New Zealand health and physical activity initiatives funded by the Ministries of Education and Health to working in applied roles with elite athletes as a sport psychologist and strength/conditioner. Previously he has held lecturing roles in the School of Physical Education at the University of Otago, Prince Sultan University in Saudia Arabia and the Wananga o Raukawa (Māori University). Dr Heke is also a consultant to the New Zealand Academy of Sport delivering to several national sporting bodies including; Motorsport New Zealand, Cycling New Zealand, Motorcycling New Zealand and New Zealand Swimming Federation. Dr. Heke believes it is time to reassess both Physical and outdoor education processes in New Zealand to include a much higher level of indigenous Māori related information. Currently, the messages and strategies used to inform PE & EOTC lack the specificity to encompass the diversity of Māori views of the environment or more specifically environmental deities and how they contribute to perpetuating Māori lineage. Ironically in a New Zealand context, by 2031 over half of the New Zealand population will have some Māori lineage. Also, an international interest in the expression of environmental connections as physical activity modalities e.g., Environmental Cross Fit, have increased the interest in indigenous forms of physical activity conducted outdoors. This presentation will provide examples of environmentally based physical education, outdoor education and exercise psychology from an indigenous Māori perspective. Both pre-European and contemporary interpretations of the New Zealand environment will highlight the range of training opportunities that exist.



Guest Lecture at UL

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Prof Lavallee is Professor in the School of Sport at the University of Sterling.  Prior to his appointment in Sterling he was Professor and Head of the Department of Sport and Exercise Sciences at Aberystwyth University from 2007-11 and Professor of Psychology of Sport at Loughborough University previously. His academic qualifications include a Master’s degree from Harvard University and a PhD from The University of Western Australia.
Davids research has focused on contributing to theoretical developments associated with self-identity and coping processes by examining how these are shaped by social structures.  Additionally David’s research has aimed to inform the design and evaluation of psychological interventions. Specific research interests are in sport and exercise psychology (e.g., burnout, injury, retirement from sport, eating disorders), support for student athletes and managing transitions across the career of athletes and coaches.

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