Dr Antonio Calderón

We had a really enjoyable presentation from Dr Antonio Calderón, Catholic University of Murcia, (Spain) http://international.ucam.edu/ on Wednesday.

The presentation entitle "The use of social media and digital technologies for engagement and learning in higher education is briefly outlined in the abstract below. 

Digital technology advances, including social media, are changing the ways in which people communicate, collaborate and learn. Some scholars have suggested that social media could improve teaching and learning experiences in higher education, while others caution about its use for academic purposes. This talk introduces to a specific example of how social media was used with first year undergraduate degree students to confront and challenge their core beliefs and knowledge about coaching youth sport. To successfully incorporate social media into educational processes, it is important to have a sound pedagogical basis for using such technology and to create a student-centred environment. A gradual process of adaptation to the learning environment of the higher education practitioner and the undergraduate students will be required.

At the end of this very interesting presentation Dr Ann MacPhail, Co-director of PEPAYS Ireland thanked Antonio and presented him with a momento of his visit.

To view the whole presentation click on the link below. 





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