Programme Outline

2015 PEPAYS Ireland Forum


Applying Research to Practice and Policy for Promotion of Lifelong Physical Activity


Final Programme


8.30-9.00              Registration and Coffee – Physical Education and Sport Sciences Building Lobby, University of Limerick


9.00-9.15              Forum Opening – PEPAYS Ireland Co-Directors Elaine Murtagh (Mary Immaculate College) and Ann MacPhail (University of Limerick)


9.15-10.30           Keynote – PESS Lecture Hall

                          Chair – Marie Murphy (University of Ulster)

                          Applying Research to Practice and Policy for Promotion of Lifelong Physical Activity

                          Speaker – Professor Stewart Trost (Queensland University of Technology, Australia)

                          Cluster responses

                          Facilitating Learning through Teaching and Coaching – Marie Clonan (Margaret Aylward Community College)

                          Active Schools – Active Communities – Jaimie McMullen (University of Limerick)


10.30-10.50         Coffee / Tea Break in PESS Cafe


10.50-12.20         Oral Presentations – Two Parallel Sessions


Session 1 – Curriculum Changes – P1-007

Chair – Melissa Parker (University of Limerick)

Presentation Order

Author (s)



Young, A., & Parker, M. UL

Educational perspectives towards curriculum change in physical education


Holland, Ea., & Armour, Kb, aDCU, bBirmingham

Mentoring student teachers on school placement in the face of resistance: An Irish perspective


Banville, E., Meegan, S., & Scanlon, G.  DCU

The development of an inclusive physical education intervention for special needs assistants and physical education teachers


McVeigh, J. Edgehill

Gender differences in the use of technology designed to support PE pre-service teachers


Marron, S., & Coulter, C. St Pats


Session 2 – Promoting Physical Activity in Schools and the Community – P1-005

Chair – Catherine Woods (Dublin City University)

Presentation Order

Author (s)



Belton, S., McGrane, B., Powell, D., Woods, C., & Issartel, J. DCU

One-year evaluation of an adolescent physical activity intervention: Results of a cluster randomised controlled trial


Edwardson, C.L. et al Leicester

A cluster randomised controlled trial to investigate the effectiveness and cost effectiveness of ‘Girls Active’


Hegarty, D., Murtagh, E.,  & NiChroinin, D. Mary I

Impact of peer-led lunch time intervention on physical activity levels in primary school girls


Mullan, E., & Jones, P. Waterford IT

The impact of skills training on cycling confidence and behaviour


Martin, R., & Murtagh, E. Mary I

The impact of physically active teaching methods on students MVPA levels

12.20-12.55         Lunch in PESS lobby, café and front patio


12.55-1.20           Walk & Talk


1.20-2.30              Keynote – PESS Lecture Hall

                            Chair –Jean McCardle (Waterford Institute of Technology)

                            What Youth Sport and PE can learn from High Performance and vica versa

                            Speaker - Dave Passmore (Dublin City University)

                            Respondent – Ian Sherwin (University of Limerick)


2.30-4.00             Parallel Sessions

                           Session 3 – P1-007

                           Session 4 – P1-005

                           Roundtables – PG-053


Session 3 - Leading by Example: New Approaches – P1-007

Chair – Richard Bowles (Mary Immaculate College)

Presentation Order

Author (s)



Moody, B.

& Parker, M. UL

first Steps: Sharing the start of a journey into self-study


McCaffrey, Pa., MacPhail Ab. & McEvilly, Ec.

aIT-Sligo, bUL, cChester

‘What do you think, Furry?’ Puppetry as a playful approach to eliciting children’s perspectives on their experiences of physical education and physically active play


Burrows, A. Edgehill

From PE teacher to pastoral leader --- Why PE teachers move into pastoral leadership roles within secondary education


Coulter. C. St Pats

One, Two, Three PE


Gaul, D. & Issartel, J. DCU

The lost Lego blocks

Session 4 – Examining our Understanding of Physical Activity Engagement – P1-005

Chair – Sarahjane Belton (Dublin City University)

Presentation Order

Author (s)



Murphy, J., Hardie, M., & Woods, C. DCU

An examination of the relationship of various modes of physical activity with academic achievement for post-primary adolescents


Powell, D., Issartel, J., McGrane, B., Belton, S. DCU

The association between objectively measured physical activity and physical activity barriers and confidence in adolescents


Kennedy, Sa., MacPhail, Ab., & Varleyc, aLetterkenny IT bUL cUniv of Highlands & Islands

Shifting the value paradigm in physical activity and sport


Nugent, S., Murphy, N., & Cowman, M. Waterford IT

Enabling quality: sustainable physical activity in older adults:A study of barriers, facilitators and interventions


Murphy, Ma., Rowe, D.Ab., Belton, Sa., & Woods, Ca. DCU Strythclyde

Validity of a two-item physical activity screening measure for assessing attainment of physical activity guidelines in youth

Roundtable Discussions – PG-053

Chair – Déirdre NíChróinín (Mary Immaculate College)

Presentation Order/ Display Location

Author (s)



Hordvika , M., Ronglana L., & MacPhailb, A.aNorwegian School of Sport Science, bUL

Teaching sport education to pre-service teachers: A teacher educator’s self-study


Clohessy, L., Bowles, R. & NiChroinin, D. Mary I

Primary school PE: Generalist teachers teaching additional PE


Holland, Ea., Armour, Kb., & Bonfilj, Mc. aDCU bBirningham cOatland’s College

Mentoring community of practice: ‘It’s cheap CPD…you just learn so much! You learn so much!’

4.00 - 4.15            Coffee / Tea Break – PESS Café


4.15-5.15              Poster presentations and Closing Session


4.15 – 4.35           Poster presentations

                            Poster Chair – Michelle Dillon (University of Limerick)

Presentation Order/   Location

Author (s)



McGrane, B., Belton, S., Powell, D., & Issartel, J. DCU

Lack of fundamental movement skills proficiency: Can we override it?


Howley, D.

Crazy Ideas’: Student involvement in negotiating and implementing the physical education curriculum in the Irish Senior Cycle


Daly, La. & Hollandlb, E. aHeywood Community School. bDCU

To PE or not to PE? That is the question! A presentation of the answers of pupils, PE teachers, and parents post-an examinable PE module


Hanley, M., & Young, A. UL

Principals’ and physical education teachers’ attitudes and perceptions towards the proposed Leaving Certificate Physical Education syllabus


Ryan, A., & Parker, M. UL

Physical education teachers’ attitudes towards and perceptions of changes in JCPE


Rock, D., Meegan, S. & Belton, S. DCU

D-Path - Disability Physical Activity Towards Health


aGriffin. C., aNiChroinin, D., & Fletcher, Tb. aMary I b Brock Univrsity

Pedagogical approaches to meaning-making in primary physical education


Merrotsy, A., Flack, J., & Coppinger, T. Cork IT

Dietary knowledge and behaviours of Corkschool children

4.35 – 5.15 Keynote – PESS Lecture Hall

                                Chair – Tara Coppinger (Cork Institute of Technology)

                                Reflections on applying research to policy and practice

                                Speaker - Ronan Toomey (Department of Health)


5.15-6.15                 Social and Cluster meetings - The Stables


6.15 -                     BBQ with traditional Irish music from St John’s – The Stables

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To use high-quality, multi-disciplinary and multi-entity research to shape, influence and inform policy and practice relating to advancing the health and well-being of populations in the areas of physical education, sport, physical activity and health.

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